Velveeta hair dye will make you feel as beautiful as queso dip

This is a real product, despite being launched on April 1.
Velveeta Gold Hair Dye
Velveeta Gold Hair Dye /

A lot went down this April Fools’ Day. We got spicy Tic Tacs, mac and cheese with Fruity PEBBLES, and even hot dog seltzer. But all of those aren’t real. Here is a product that is real: Velveeta Gold Hair Dye, which despite getting announced on April 1 is an actual product you can buy on Amazon, right now.

“La Dolce Velveeta is a lifestyle – always confident and forever in service of living by your own rules,” said Stephanie Vance, Brand Manager for VELVEETA, via press release. “We are always looking for new ways to help fans live La Dolce Velveeta and hair was the perfect place for us to invite pleasure seekers to proudly express themselves and show off their unique style and individuality.”

First reported by Foodbeast, the Velveeta Gold Hair Dye costs $7.50 on Amazon for a 4 oz jar, which Velveeta explains is the price of a Velveeta cheese loaf. One jar is enough to dye short hair. If you have longer hair, they clarify on the Amazon page, you might need more jars of dye. Velveeta dye. For your hair.

Needless to say, Julia Fox is all in on the Velveeta Gold Hair Dye, and first debuted the product on Sunday, March 31 at what the press release calls “the basketball game” which sounds like something I, a non-sports guy would say.

“The signature Julia Fox vibe is something that can’t be explained and one that exudes confidence and continuously pushes the boundaries of the status quo,” said Julia Fox, again via press release. “When VELVEETA shared what their brand is all about, it truly resonated with me as I am always trying to live life to the fullest and go all in for the things I love. I love my pasta and cheese so VELVEETA is an immediate yes and VELVEETA Gold hair is a look I can totally get behind.”

I don’t know how often I will have to say this but even though this all sounds fake, it is not. I’d also like to clarify that despite posting this on Guilty Eats, you should not eat this hair dye. If you eat this hair dye, the only thing you’ll be guilty about is getting extremely ill, as it is not food. Additionally, as far as I can tell this only gives you the color of Velveeta in your hair, not the smell of cheese. That’s either a plus or a minus, depending on how you look at it.

You can snag the Velveeta Gold Hair Dye now while supplies last. Or you can just pour some queso on your head. Either way.

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