Cereal milkshakes, transforming favorite flavors into a frozen treat


The delicious, sweetened milk left at the bottom of a cereal bowl has been a longtime favorite. Cereal milkshakes transform that favorite flavor in a frozen treat.

Certain flavors can transport people back to their childhood. For some, the milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl was the best part of breakfast. Whether it was a fruit flavored or chocolate, the sweeten milk was perfection. Luckily, cereal milkshakes transform those favorite flavors into a delicious frozen treat.

BURGER KING recently added a Lucky Charms milkshake to its menu. This frozen cereal flavored dessert joins the Fruit Loops milkshake on its menu. From a company press release, “Our guests can’t get enough of our cereal shakes, so we’ve extended the platform to include the Lucky Charms™ Shake,” said Alex Macedo, President, North America, for the BURGER KING® brand.

BURGER KING isn’t the first company to capitalize on the cereal flavor frozen treats. Milk Bar, founded by acclaimed chef Christina Tosi, introduced everyone to Cereal Milk. The Cereal Milk soft serve and Cereal Milk in designer bottles have been a staple in all Milk Bar locations. The company even has a trademark for the product.

This designer Cereal Milk captures the sense of nostalgia that people have for these flavors. These cereal inspired ice cream treats let adults be a kid again. A bowl of cereal flavored ice cream may be a more grown up way to enjoy those flavors than stealing your kids’ cereal.

As popularity grew for these frozen cereal flavors, other companies joined the trend. Early in 2017, Ben & Jerry’s introduced Cereal Splashbacks. Available at Ben & Jerry’s physical locations, these ice cream flavors are inspired by popular cereals. The three flavors are Fruit Loot, Frozen Flakes and Cocoa Loco. A scoop of Cocoa Loco on a waffle cone sounds like a delightful treat.

With BURGER KING expanding its cereal inspired frozen treats, more people can enjoy these nostalgic flavors. Or, if you rather make one of these treats at home, numerous recipes are available online. A simple search can produce a multitude of recipes for all cooking levels.

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Who’s ready to be a kid again? Spoon into a delicious cereal milkshake. Just as long as the bran cereals aren’t involved, I’m ready to dig into the frozen treat.

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