Complimentary hotel breakfast transforms from boring to inspiring


Everyone knows that a good breakfast is the foundation to a successful day. Complimentary hotel breakfasts now offer travelers a more inspiring breakfast bar.

Traveling can be difficult. Business trips often don’t go as planned. Vacations are jammed packed with activities. The complimentary hotel breakfast can set the tone for your day. But, a plate of bagels and muffins may not be the better choice. Luckily, Hyatt Place offers an innovative breakfast experience.

If you’re like me, I still hear my mother’s voice saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, what I eat for breakfast has changed from those many years ago. A bowl of cereal with fruit is great, but I want variety. Some days I crave a hearty breakfast, like eggs and bacon. But, the hotel breakfast may not have those options.

Complimentary hotel breakfast, Hyatt Place California Dreamin’ Breakfast Bowl, photo from Business Wire press release

The Hyatt Place offers a new “Build Your Own” complimentary breakfast. Between premium ingredients and variety, guests will be impressed with the change. The new options give guests the chance to find the right balance for their lifestyle. Guests don’t have to settle for boring and bland.

In a Hyatt Place press release, Steven Dominguez, vice president of global brands, Hyatt Place and Hyatt House said “We know our new Build Your Own Breakfast Bowls and Greek Yogurt Parfaits will help our guests fuel up for the day ahead – whether it’s tackling that big meeting or building new relationships, we know our guests never settle when they’re on the road.”

Hyatt Place offers special bowls and Greek yogurt parfaits throughout the week. Each day features a special bowl, with eggs and meat. The Greek yogurt parfaits change periodically throughout the week, too.

To launch the new complimentary breakfast, Hyatt Place held a culinary competition. Food Network and Cooking Channel personality, Katie Lee hosted the event. Select students from Institute of Culinary Education created breakfast bowls. The winning student, Brooke DiResta, won $10,000 for her Nomad Bowl. This winning bowl featured “soft-boiled cage-free egg, toasted ancient grains with kale, sausage crumbles and charred lemony asparagus ribbons.”

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A complimentary hotel breakfast doesn’t mean that guests have to settle for boring and bland. Hyatt Place is building a premium breakfast to jump start a guest’s day.

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