Ultimate mermaid buffet, it’s beautiful and delicious under the sea


The mermaid food trend isn’t going away. In Japan, the ultimate mermaid buffet is as delicious as it is beautiful.

Many people are obsessed with mermaids. The mystical sea creatures tempt people with their beauty. Under the sea, the mermaid world is filled with amazing creatures and vibrant colors. This enchanting world has been transformed into an ultimate mermaid buffet by the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo.

The Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Princess Mermaid Sweet Buffet is inspired by the classic Hans Anderson tale, The Little Mermaid, not the Disney version. The fantastical dessert buffet features sweet treats transformed into sea creatures. The whimsical treats will delight both young and old.

According to the hotel, the Princess Mermaid Sweet Buffet contains  “tarts reminiscent of cute “hermit crabs” using waffle cones in the shape of conch shells, bread made to look like seals, cream puffs patterned after fish, and moray eel shaped rolled cakes amongst others.”

While I may not be able to visit this fairy tale buffet, the concept can be recreated at home for any little princess or mermaid. A few semi-homemade treats can turn a simple dessert into a mermaid inspired delight. First, start with items that can transform into the blues, greens and purples, the mermaid colors.

For example, angel food cake, with its bright white color, can easily become mermaid cake. With a few swirls of color and some blueberries on top, the cake becomes under the sea worthy. Even top it with a scoop of mermaid ice cream.

Another option would be to transform a creamed filled sponge cake (like a Twinkie) into a cute little fish. Use a strawberry slice to create a fin on top and the sides. With a little imagination, anyone can create a under the sea inspired buffet.

Pinterest is filled with mermaid food inspired ideas. From drinks to ice cream, most of these recipes aren’t too difficult to recreate. Even if your creation isn’t perfect, it could make for fun afternoon. Plus, if the dessert tastes good, will anyone really care if your colors or presentation isn’t perfect? It’s not Top Chef or Food Network Baking Championships.

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Be inspired by the sea and the mermaids. The mermaid trend might swim out to sea soon enough. Until then, the ultimate mermaid buffet is waiting for you.

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