Can you waffle it? Fun ways to celebrate National Waffle Iron Day


Can you waffle it? The waffle food trend is everywhere. On National Waffle Iron Day, see if you can waffle a food?

Will it, can you, should you waffle it? June 29 is National Waffle Iron Day. The popular kitchen appliance dates back to the 14th century in Europe. Used over an open flame, the decorative designs incorporated many symbols. Today, the old school method has been replaced with easy to use electric versions. From the classic waffle pattern to character shapes, the majority of households have a waffle iron.

Waffle irons come is various sizes, shapes and price points. To choose a waffle iron, consider how often you would use the small appliance. Why spend $200 on a small appliance when it will sit unused. Many cost effective waffle irons are available. Hamilton Beach has several waffle makers under $35.

Should you waffle it?

A recent food trend is waffling. I’m not referring to the approach of being indecisive. Rather, cooking foods on a waffle iron. The book, Will It Waffle, looks at 53 unexpected recipes to make on a waffle iron. From classic breakfast items to filet mignon, this cookbook shows that almost anything can be cooked in a waffle iron.

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Truthfully, all types of food could be cooked in a waffle iron. The small appliance is two non-stick griddles with heat applied to both sides. It is just like a panini press or even a George Foreman grill. The difference is the waffle pattern onthe grates.

So, why not put a pizza, chicken or hamburger in the waffle iron. As long as the food is cooked thoroughly, there is no danger to eating it. Yes, the food will have a waffle pattern, but how is that really any different from grill marks?

For this food holiday, why not cook all the food on the waffle iron. Breakfast can start with some yummy waffles or eggs with hash browns. Lunch could be a waffle-grilled cheese or waffle pizza. Dinner could be a chicken or hamburger waffle-style. The whole family could have some fun this waffle food day.

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On National Waffle Iron Day let’s all get out the waffle irons from the back of the kitchen cabinet. Maybe you will feel less guilty about that must have purchase that hasn’t seen the light of day in years.

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