Starbucks cup is baffling everyone!


A Starbucks cup has caught the attention of many customers around the world and it is causing quite a stir!

It’s an everyday Starbucks cup that you yourself would be given when purchasing an ice-cold beverage. Yet if you were to look close enough, you may discover that your cup is not all as it seems. As was the case of one Reddit user who shared the shocking discovery that has caused a few to scratch their heads in wonder.

From the off glance, it looks like nothing more than an ordinary cup, it’s the typical clear plastic container you get with most ice-cold drinks with the Starbucks logo clearly displayed on it.

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But, at the very bottom of the cup, you will notice another logo, one that has no business being there. The famous Golden Arches. That’s right; the McDonald’s logo is at the bottom of the cup.

This bizarre discovery has caused quite a stir on social media with many wondering what has happened. Theories, both wild conspiracy-type theories and regular sensible theories, have emerged and been debated upon.

The general consensus is that the two companies probably use the same manufacturer for the cups and there has been a mix up somewhere along the line. This is the most likely cause, but it is fun to see the conspiracy theories being put forward as well.

"These starbucks cups have the McDonald’s logo on them. from r/mildlyinteresting"

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Neither Starbucks nor McDonald’s has come forward to explain the bizarre discovery. They are probably happily leaving us to come up with our own wild theories.

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Did you spot this Starbucks cup doing the rounds on Social Media before today? What do you think is the cause of this? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.