Oreo may be releasing a Tiramisu flavor and we aren’t sure what to think

Every year, Oreo releases a variety of new flavors to compliment their standard line up of cookies. And now it looks they may give us Tiramisu as a flavor.

If there is one thing we can always count on, it is Oreo releasing a new flavor every year. And while they usually give us more than one unique flavor, they are also known for bringing back fan favorites.

However, this time it seems that they might be giving us a Tiramisu flavor Oreo, according to The Junk Food Aisle. While they didn’t have any real information to give us, they did share a look at a potential package of these cookies, along with the news that there is a product listing to go along with this potential release.

While there is no guarantee that we really will see a Tiramisu Oreo, The Junk Food Aisle has rarely steered us wrong. And because of that, we are more than willing to discuss our thoughts on this potential cookie flavor.

If you love Oreos then you probably want to try this cookie flavor no matter what. And if you are a Tiramisu fan, the same is likely true. However, as someone who likes Tiramisu but not so much Oreos, I am skeptical about this flavor. What makes Tiramisu so much fun and delicious is all the layers that go into making dessert perfection. I doesn’t seem possible that Oreo will be able to capture the magic in the same way.

But, all skepticism aside, it will be interesting to see if Oreo really is able to capture the essence of Tiramisu in a cookie, after all they were able to make it work with flavors like Carrot Cake and Red Velvet, so it’s not like they don’t have a history of success to look back on.

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What do you think of a possible Tiramisu flavor of Oreo? Would you try it for yourself? Do you think they really will release this as a new flavor in 2020? Tell us what you think in the comments.