Nutella is giving fans a chance to win a trip to Italy and snag coupons in honor of World Nutella Day

Photo: World Nutella Day.. Image Courtesy Nutella
Photo: World Nutella Day.. Image Courtesy Nutella /

February 5 is World Nutella Day and while this is exciting news for those of us who love this hazelnut and chocolate spread, this year there is more to love thanks to a very special giveaway.

Did you know that Feb. 5 is World Nutella Day? If not, you will be excited to learn that not only are we getting an entire day to celebrate this delicious chocolate and hazelnut spread, but the company is also treating us to an amazing giveaway and a plethora of coupons.

In a press release from Nutella, they revealed that they are giving fans a chance to unlock 20,000 coupons for a free jar of the spread. And that’s not all, as they are also giving one Nutella lover a trip to Alba, Italy, the same place that this decadent spread was conceived.

Giada De Laurentiis and Alexys Gabrielle Johns, two well-known Nutella lovers, are helping the company to celebrate this international day of appreciation with posts on social media to get people talking. And if you are wondering about those coupons and the Italy trip, have no fear as we have the information you need.

Photo: Nutella on Croissant.. Image Courtesy Nutella /

Starting on Feb. 5, fans can show their love by heading to social media platforms – Instagram, Twitter, and the brands Facebook page – and share their own post spreading the love for Nutella. In their post they must include “#WNDGiveaway,” as well as a hashtag abbreviating their home state.

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The point of hashtagging your state is to get at least 50 people from each state talking about Nutella on social media. And once that magic number is reached for all 50 states, Nutella will share all the details on how their fans can snag those coupons for a free jar of the spread.

And for that chance to head to Italy, you will want to visit the official page for World Nutella Day to enter. Get those entries in and see what happens, you never know, you may end up in Alba, Italy with a friend.

Seriously, this is the time to really show your love for all things Nutella. Not only is this your chance to get a free jar, but also head to Italy to tour the factory and see where the magic happens.

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Are you excited to share your love of this hazelnut and chocolate spread with the world? What’s your favorite way to enjoy this sweet treat? Tell us what you think in the comments.