Häagen-Dazs delivers creamy perfection with their Ruby Cacao Ice Cream Bars

Häagen-Dazs Limited Edition Ruby Cacao Collection is here, photo provided by Häagen-Dazs
Häagen-Dazs Limited Edition Ruby Cacao Collection is here, photo provided by Häagen-Dazs /

Häagen-Dazs has given us a new ice cream addiction to appreciate thanks to their new Ruby Cacao Ice Cream Bars that are a perfect blend of sweet cream and berry.

When it comes to delicious innovations, we have to give a lot of credit to the arrival of Ruby Cacao on the scene. And thanks to Häagen-Dazs, we now have not one, but two sweet treats to enjoy.

While their Crispy Trio Layered Ruby Cacao Crackle Ice Cream was certainly a delicious offering, for me the real winner was the Ruby Cacao Ice Cream Bars. These bars were filled with sweet cream ice cream and then layered in a perfect coating of crisp Ruby Cacao Crackle.

What made this bar from Haagen-Dazs a winner was the fact that it delivered the perfect amount of sweetness with the crisp bite of berry flavor that the Ruby Cacao is known for. Unlike other chocolate type products, this flavor profile is more fruity in nature and delivers sour and sweet bursts in equal measure. And when you combine that in a crisp shell over a sweet cream based ice cream, you get something magical with each bite.

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Seriously, this might just be my new favorite ice cream offering. Then again, as someone who loves all things ice cream, it is impossible to choose just one favorite. But when it comes to the ice cream bar category, this definitely tops the list (for now).

The gorgeous pop of ruby color certainly helps this ice cream bar make a statement. And if ever there was time to break these out, it would have to be on a date night, as the color scream romance.

If you haven’t tried these yet, you will definitely want to give them a try soon (they won’t be here for long). The Ruby Cacao Ice Cream Bars may not be for everyone, but they are definitely worth trying at least once for anyone looking to try something new in the world of ice cream.

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Have you tried the Ruby Cacao ice cream products yet? If you have, what did you think? Tell us your thoughts about the arrival of Ruby Cacao in the comments.