Waterloo introduces the newest flavor of sparkling water and it’s what we need now

Photo Courtesy Waterloo Sparkling Water
Photo Courtesy Waterloo Sparkling Water /

Looking for a new flavor of sparkling water to invigorate your taste buds? Then Waterloo has you covered with their latest addition to their line up.

If you are looking to add some more water to your routine, but you don’t love actually drinking water, then sparkling water may be the answer. And luckily one of the current options on the market, Waterloo, offers a wide range of flavors that will help you get all the water you need.

Not only can we enjoy Waterloo Sparkling Water when we want to get our hands on some refreshing water, but now they are also offering a brand new flavor to enjoy as well. In a press release, we learned that the company had added a new fruit flavor to their collection.

Wondering what the new fruit inspired flavor of Waterloo is? Well, if you love blueberry, now is the time to get excited. Much like other flavors in their line, the new Waterloo Blueberry Sparkling Water is full of fresh, fruity notes.

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Much like other flavors in their line of sparkling waters, this one also features a refreshing fragrance that is both sweet and tart, just like the berry that inspired this flavor.

Not only does this Waterloo Blueberry Sparkling Water make the perfect ice-cold, refreshing drink, but it is also perfect as a mixer. If you like making either cocktails or mocktails, this sparkling water is an excellent choice.

Maybe it’s me, but I was pretty excited to learn that Waterloo was introducing a new flavor of sparkling water. And to find out that it is blueberry was just the added bonus I needed to make this a must have on my grocery list.

You can order your Waterloo Blueberry Sparkling Water off of Amazon.

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What do you think of this new flavor of sparkling water from Waterloo? Is this a flavor you would enjoy? Tell us what you think in the comments.