Classic Supermarket Sweep is now on Netflix

Hit game show Supermarket Sweep has come to Netflix when we need it most

Great news for millennials struggling to continue to fill their television viewing void. Netflix has added episodes of the hit show Supermarket Sweep to their catalog.

On July 6, it was announced that 15 episodes were now available to watch on their streaming platform. This little streaming drop is a great source of nostalgia and a reminder of how happy we can be at the grocery store.

Get ready to watch people sprint around the store with Supermarket Sweep

Although the show originally started running from 1965 to 1967, the Netflix episodes feature the more well-known episodes hosted by David Ruprecht with original air dates in the 90s and early 2000s. The show features a question round with a goal of adding allotted time for the upcoming sweep round with every correct answer. In each episode, there would be three teams of two who usually had some sort of tie such as husband and wife, mother and daughter, siblings, etc.

Winners of Supermarket Sweep were based on the team with the most expensive grocery cart or carts at the end. The grand prize was $5,000 which the winning duo had a chance to earn with a final timed sweep at the end.

Contestants would add to their cart blindly and have all of their groceries added at the end of the second round. There was a strategy in the way you would want to shop and most people would maximize with large meats and deli products or huge bags of pet food. Throughout this mad dash for expensive grocery store items, there would also be bonus items from a shopping list and bonus display items based on product mascots or advertising which would give add extra money to your grocery count.

Why should you watch Supermarket Sweep? Well if you enjoy watching nostalgic grocery store products such as A&W Root Beer, Double Mint gum, or Lunchables being thrown into carts then this is the show for you. You might also want to check it out if you miss seeing fully stocked aisles of paper products or meats. You can also watch to see some of the fashion faux pas which can only be realized with years of hindsight. Maybe you just want the fun of watching people on a final scavenger hunt running through emotions of frustration, anxiety, and excitement over their final search for the answers to their quest for $5,000.

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Each of the 15 Netflix episodes only runs 20 minutes meaning it could be just a one day binge for previous fans or new watchers. It is family fun and both the trivia round and final sweep rounds can be interactive for anyone trying to also guess the answers. Also, there is going to be a reboot once filming is capable again so you can be ready for the modern version of the show.