Quaker Oats has a new flavor to start your day with!

Instant Quaker Oats Blueberry Strawberry Cup. Image Courtesy Quaker
Instant Quaker Oats Blueberry Strawberry Cup. Image Courtesy Quaker /

Quaker Oats has a new oatmeal flavor that’s perfect for summer

Quaker Oats has been making my mornings more delicious for years. I’ve been a lifelong fan of their Maple and Brown sugar flavors, but there’s a new sheriff in town who may have won my heart over. Just in time for the summer, Blueberry Strawberry is here!

Blueberry Strawberry is the latest delicious flavor from Quaker Oats, and can be enjoyed in either their Quaker Instant Oatmeal or their individual Oatmeal cups. Containing 100 percent whole grains with zero artificial preservatives, zero artificial flavors, and zero added colors, this is a breakfast you can eat without worry.

I personally enjoy how flavorful this new item is. The blueberry and strawberry blends beautifully together, creating a taste of summer in a fresh, hot bowl of oatmeal, with fresh strawberries and blueberries tossed in. Not into eating hot oatmeal on a summer morning? You can also try turning them into a healthy breakfast bar!

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Where can I find this new flavor of Quaker Oats?

You can find Quaker Oats Blueberry Strawberry wherever you normally buy Quaker Oats! Be it your local grocery store, Target, or WalMart. Quaker Oats has a large variety of other oatmeal as well — including high protein blends, organic, gluten free, and so much more.

For over 140 years people have started their day with Quaker Oats. The company has evolved and changed with the times, as reflected by their many varieties of oatmeal. Plus you can find some mouth watering, easy to follow recipes right on their website.

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Are you ready to try the new Quaker Oats Blueberry Strawberry flavor? Let us know in the comments below!