KFC is giving their iconic slogan a break because of the pandemic

KFC Holiday Buckets, photo provided by KFC
KFC Holiday Buckets, photo provided by KFC /

KFC suspends the use of their iconic slogan

If you are a fan of KFC or just have a tendency to listen to commercials often, then you probably know the iconic slogan that the fast food chicken restaurant has used for years. In fact, just hearing the phrase “Finger Lickin’ Good” is enough to make some of us want a bucket of fried chicken in our lives immediately.

However, according to CNN, it seems that KFC is benching the iconic slogan in the time of the pandemic. And I don’t know if this is sad news as a foodie or just the kind of mood that 2020 has been giving us all year, but this was definitely not the news we were expecting to end our August with.

I mean, it makes perfect sense that we shouldn’t be licking our fingers in the midst of a pandemic, but this has been the slogan of KFC for so long, I can’t imagine them not saying it about their perfectly seasoned fried chicken.

KFC gives their slogan a timeout

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It may just be a marketing ploy (as they helped make the announcement by dropping a YouTube video in which the slogan is blurred out on signs and billboards), but it is also the kind of move that does make sense when we have a health crisis that requires us to wear masks and avoid touching our faces. And according to the global chief marketing officer for the company, Catherine Tan-Gillespie, “We find ourselves in a unique situation — having an iconic slogan that doesn’t quite fit in the current environment.” She also made it clear that the slogan isn’t going away forever, just until the time is right again.

Over the years, KFC has done everything from making fun of themselves to offering nail polish that smelled like their chicken in order to keep themselves in the public eye. After all, restaurants pop up all the time and it takes staying relevant to keep people coming in.

It makes sense that KFC would take this step to pause the use of their slogan about finger licking when we shouldn’t even be bringing our hands near our face unless our hands are scrubbed clean.

But the question is, what will their new slogan be. And if they do create a new slogan, will it be as iconic?

Check out the YouTube video KFC shared below:

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What do you think of KFC’s news? Do you think this is a smart marketing technique? What do you think another slogan could be? Tell us what you think in the comments.