Sour Patch Kids is bringing candy to the kids this Halloween

SOUR PATCH KIDS Reverse Trick or Treat (credit: SOUR PATCH KIDS)
SOUR PATCH KIDS Reverse Trick or Treat (credit: SOUR PATCH KIDS) /

Sour Patch Kids could come to your city this Halloween

Most years, kids have to go out trick-or-treating to get the candy they want, but this year, that’s not entirely possible with the pandemic still going on, and parents worried about social-distancing and keeping their kids safe. While parents can still buy plenty of candy for their kids to eat at home, Halloween isn’t the same without some trick-or-treating. Luckily, Sour Patch Kids has a solution.

This year on Halloween, they will be going to 12 different cities to make contactless deliveries of Sour Patch Halloween package to kids. The packages will include bags of zombie Sour Patch Kids AND (and yes this sounds fake but it’s 100% true) Sour Patch Kids branded toilet paper.

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The toilet paper is just regular toilet paper with the Sour Patch Kids logo on it, but what better way to spend the day then by covering your neighbors’ trees with candy-branded toilet paper. If they don’t come outside, it’s totally safe!

Sour Patch Kids is delivering Halloween packages to 12 cities this year

But that’s not the only thing Sour Patch Kids is doing this Halloween. In one lucky city, the Sour Patch Kids will ride around in a jack-o-lantern shaped mobile carriage and dropping off candy to peoples’ front doors while keeping everyone safe.

How do you get them to come to your city? You can request your city on Sour Patch Kids Instagram and/or Twitter. Whatever 12 cities get the most requests will be announced later this month. Then on Halloween day, people from the 12 cities can enter to win a special delivery of the Halloween package to their front door.

To enter on Halloween, people from the 12 cities just need to go to Twitter or Instagram and either tweet @sourpatchkids #SourThenSweetHalloween #Sweepstakes or swipe up on their Instagram story or click the link-in-bio to see if you’ve won. You have to be 18 years or older to win, so parents will have to enter for their kids.

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Will you enter to get Sour Patch Kids to come to your city? Let us know in the comments below!