Pepperidge Farm gives us cookies that are perfect for those holiday dessert trays

Pepperidge Farm holiday cookie assortment. Photo by Kimberley Spinney
Pepperidge Farm holiday cookie assortment. Photo by Kimberley Spinney /

Pepperidge Farm cookies are perfect for holiday dessert trays

While Pepperidge Farm cookies are available all year long, there are some flavors that only pop up on shelves at the holidays. And yet, whether you decide to snag only those holiday goodies or mix things up with some classics, these are the perfect cookies for every dessert tray this season.

And right now, they are making it easier than ever to create a holiday cookie plate that is both festive and delicious. With Dec. 4 being National Cookie Day, Pepperidge Farm is going all out and gifting their fans an epic cookie kit that includes a plate that perfectly lays out where you should put your cookies, along with the five cookies that they think make the perfect holiday cookie tray!

On National Cookie Day, head to the Pepperidge Farm Delivers site for your chance to snag the cookie kit. And even if you don’t get a kit of your own, there are still plenty of ways to make your own cookie platter.

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Which Pepperidge Farm cookies make the holiday cut?

As part of the kit that Pepperidge Farm is spotlighting for National Cookie Day, the company opted for Chessman, Mint flavored Brussels, Candy Cane flavored Milanos, Double Milk Chocolate Milanos, and Citrus flavored Snowballs. And I admit these are certainly my picks for Christmas!

All of these flavors are magical and perfect for the holidays, but I admit that they are not the only ones that are perfect for a holiday cookie plate. Even the standard Milano cookies or Brussels are perfect as a holiday snack, but at least for this National Cookie Day, it is all about the holiday spotlight of flavors (all of which have managed to look festive in their packaging alone!).

Over the years, Pepperidge Farm has continually delivered decadent flavors, perfectly crisp cookies, and nibbles that satisfy every craving. So of course, they are my go-to cookie brand when it comes to the holidays.

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Are you a fan of Pepperidge Farm cookies? Do you have a favorite? What is your favorite cookie? Tell us in the comments.