El Pollo Loco brings back their Pollo Fit Bowls with a 2021 twist

El Pollo Loco's Pollo Fit Bowls. Image courtesy of El Pollo Loco
El Pollo Loco's Pollo Fit Bowls. Image courtesy of El Pollo Loco /

El Pollo Loco brings back a favorite with a twist

El Pollo Loco is starting 2021 off with a bang by bringing back their popular Pollo Fit Bowls and giving them a special twist too. From the very beginning, the Pollo Fit Bowls have always been a good-for-you option at the restaurant, and now they are making them even better.

In a press release from El Pollo Loco, they announced that in 2021 we will be getting a lineup of Pollo Fit Bowls that includes even more chicken, and super greens, as well as an entirely new take on the rice usually found in each bowl. So what is this rice-y twist? It’s the addition of cilantro lime cauliflower rice!

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The return of the El Pollo Loco Pollo Fit Bowls gives us three options to choose from

So what exactly are the fit bowls and what are the three options we can choose off the menu?

First up we have the Double Protein Avocado Pollo Fit Bowl. This bowl is a keto-friendly option that includes citrus marinated grilled chicken breast pieces on a bed of super greens loaded with lettuce, red cabbage, and sliced avocados. This bowl also features the cilantro lime cauliflower rice, queso fresco, a salsa of pico de gallo, and even Tapatío seasoning as a finishing touch.

The second bowl is the Double Protein Fajita Pollo Fit Bowl. For this bowl we get a double portion of the grilled, marinated chicken, our standard super greens, the red cabbage and lettuce mixture, as well as black beans, fajita veggies, avocados, queso fresco, and of course the finish of the Tapatio seasoning. This is definitely like having fajitas without all the extras, and we are okay with that.

Finally, the third bowl option that El Pollo Loco is giving us is the Double Protein Mexican Caesar Pollo Fit Bowl. For this one (which is again listed as being a keto-friendly choice), we are of course getting our double chicken offering and super greens with the lettuce/cabbage blend, along with cotija cheese crumbles, avocado slices, radish slices, a lemon wedge, and of course the Tapatio seasoning that finishes everything off.

Much like the last time the Pollo Fit Bowls were released, these will only be around for a limited time, so if you want to get 2021 off to a healthy start, now is the time to stop into a local El Pollo Loco. For a healthier new year and new you, the restaurant has us covered with three delicious options!

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What do you think of the return of the Pollo Fit Bowls? Will you be trying any of them? Which one sounds the best to you? Tell us in the comments.