MTN DEW introduces the first new flavor of 2021

Mtn Dew® is going pink with Mtn Dew® Major Melon™ Image courtesy Mtn Dew, PepsiCo
Mtn Dew® is going pink with Mtn Dew® Major Melon™ Image courtesy Mtn Dew, PepsiCo /

MTN DEW starts the new year with a new flavor

If there is one thing we enjoy more than a delicious treat, it is a tasty drink. And MTN DEW continues to deliver with every new flavor that comes our way. So it should come as no surprise that we are pretty excited about the news that there is a new Dew in our futures.

That’s right, MTN DEW is giving us a new flavor to kickstart our January with. Introducing the Major Melon! Once more, the company is bringing us all the flavor in one easy sip, plus they are even making it available to more people by offering it as both an original and a Zero Sugar beverage choice.

According to the press release about this new Dew, Major Melon has already been tested by a number of MTN DEW fans and it has not just performed well, it seems to be a favorite amongst the testers.

MTN DEW introduces us to the Major Melon

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So what exactly is the Major Melon flavor? It’s watermelon of course. And it’s pink! This is a drink made to taste good and look pretty in the glass. (I highly doubt that was what MTN DEW was going for, but it works and we will take it.)

Available in both regular and Zero Sugar varieties, this new Dew is available in stores now. Not only can you snag this flavor in a 20 oz bottle or a two liter size, but it is also for sale in 12 oz cans (think 12 packs and other multipacks).

This thirst quenching soda will be a permanent addition to the family, which is also pretty exciting for fans of the company as this is the first permanent new addition since 2010 when they dropped the MTN DEW White Out flavor.

Whether it is because this is a new flavor or the fact that the flavor is watermelon, we are excited about the arrival of Major Melon. And hopefully, so are you.

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What do you think of this new addition to the MTN DEW family? Will you be trying the new Major Melon? Tell us in the comments below.