Cocktails, waters, and more: What to sip this Fourth of July

Chloe Mojito. Image courtesy of Chloe Wine Collection
Chloe Mojito. Image courtesy of Chloe Wine Collection /

The Fourth of July is here and you want to have drinks on hand for any guests you might have. That’s where these cocktails, canned drinks, and more come in. From wines and waters, to hard drinks and soft drinks, there is something for everyone this Independence Day.

When it comes to planning our Fourth of July gatherings and cookouts, we often think of the food first and maybe the drinks second. And even though that works and just throwing together some bottles of soda or cans of beer is certainly good enough, if you want some last minute ideas to take your holiday sipping game up a notch, we have some ideas.

While not every one of these may work for your Fourth of July, maybe they will inspire future cookouts, including any barbecues and beachy picnics you might have planned for the summer.

Cocktails, waters, and more drinks to bring to your Fourth of July cookouts

New Smartwater+ line in Clarity, Renew, and Tranquility. Image courtesy of Smartwater. /
  • ‘Merican Mule Canned Cocktails – I mean it does have American in the name (kind of), so it makes sense that we would turn to this canned mule brand for our Independence Day sipping. And right now you can try a variety pack of their flavors that includes their Moscow Mule (a classic), a Mexican Mule, the Southern Mule, and a Tropical Mule. All of which are delicious and will keep the party going all day and night.
  • Vera Wang Prosecco – Looking for a more upscale drink to enjoy this Fourth of July? Why not go with some Prosecco. And you can really take the fancy to the next level by going with a bottle or two of the new Vera Wang Prosecco.
  • Avaline Sparking Rose – As someone who has already enjoyed Avaline Wines before, it just feels right to snag a bottle of their Sparkling Rose for a picnic or cookout. And what better cookout is there than the Fourth of July. Whether you sip this straight up or use it as part of a homemade Sangria, you won’t be disappointed with this in the mix.
  • Chloe Pinot Grigio – Okay, I know wine might not seem like the drink of choice at the Fourth of July (and I have to ask WHY NOT), but if you are looking to shake things up, why not grab a few bottles of Chloe Pinot Grigio? Not only can they be sipped as is, but you can also whip up some interesting cocktails with wine, including the Chloe’s Vibrant Mojito. You can find a recipe for the Mojito on the wine brand’s website, or see what other drinks you can concoct this Independence Day.
  • Bud Light Seltzer – If there is one thing we automatically think of for the Fourth of July, it might be beer, but what if you could make it a seltzer instead? Well that’s exactly what we have with the arrival of Bud Light Seltzer and their variety packs. It’s perfect for Independence Day, barbecues, and all summer long.
  • Bitters & Soda – If you don’t want to indulge with alcohol on the Fourth of July, then pick up some cans of Bitters & Soda. This non-alcoholic option is packed with flavor and perfect for anyone who wants a sip of something refreshing and light. The fact that it can also be used as a mixer is an added bonus we can’t help but appreciate.
  • Greenbar Spritz – Think of this as a canned Italian cocktail that is refreshing and light, adding something new to your cookouts, while also elevating them. It’s like sipping magic in a can, and who can resist that. Personally, I am a fan of the Orange, but other flavors in the line include Hibiscus and Ginger.
  • TAZO Awake – Looking for a refreshing iced tea that is pre-made, ready to go, and delicious? Then you need TAZO in your life. And perhaps the perfect flavor for any cookout this summer would have to be their Awake tea, which is a black iced tea that is refreshing and crisp with each sip.
  • Dr Pepper Zero – Can you ever go wrong with soda at a cookout? I think not. And if you are looking to watch the calories, why not grab cans of Dr Pepper Zero? Available in flavors such as Dr Pepper & Cream Soda and Dr Pepper Cherry, these sodas are perfect for keeping refreshed with every sip.
  • SmartWater+ – Considering I mention water in the title and early on in this piece, there is no way I could forget to include my personal favorite still water brand, SmartWater. And since they kicked things up a notch with the SmartWater+ line, I am all over this hydrating beverage. Whether you need tranquility in your life, some clarity, or maybe some renewal, there is a water for you in this line of delicious waters. It’s hydration meets flavor and it is perfect for a barbecue or cookout all summer long.
  • New Wave Sparkling Soda Water – Finally, we have to throw in a bit of sparkling with our water. And if you are looking to try something new, tasty, and refreshing, then look no further than New Wave Sparkling Soda Water. From the flavors to the refreshing sparkle, this is a canned water you don’t want to miss

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With a long list of possible drinks to choose from this Fourth of July, you can whip up some cocktails, refresh with some water, or anything in between. But what do you think? What are you bringing to your cookout?