Magnum ice cream partners with Rebecca Minkoff to celebrate 10 sweet years

Magnum Rebecca Minkoff Handbag. Image courtesy Magnum
Magnum Rebecca Minkoff Handbag. Image courtesy Magnum /

Do you love Magnum ice cream? Are you a fashionista in your own right? Then you need to hear about this epic giveaway!

In honor of 10 years of Magnum ice cream, the sweet treat brand has teamed up with designer Rebecca Minkoff for a one of a kind offer! From August 9 (the official giveaway begins at noon EST) until August 23, you can head to the Magnum ice cream giveaway page and enter for a chance to win the most amazing prize!

So what exactly did the designer create for the ice cream brand? And why are we so obsessed with this amazing partnership?

Magnum ice cream teams up with Rebecca Minkoff to celebrate their 10th anniversary

Magnum Rebecca Minkoff Handbag. Image courtesy Magnum /

In honor of 10 years of sweet, creamy goodness straight from our freezer, Rebecca Minkoff has designed an exclusive insulated handbag! Seriously, it’s a Rebecca Minkoff handbag! How can we say no to that (WE CAN’T)?

What makes this bag so amazing, beyond the fact that this is highly limited and exclusive, is the fact that it is insulated. Why do we love that? Because it means we could actually take our ice cream with us as we head out shopping or running errands. We can keep that Magnum ice cream pop in our purse without the slightest bit of guilt.

Think of this as the most stylish and functional cooler you have ever walked around with. And you will definitely want to walk around with it.

When it comes to Magnum ice cream, we think of delicious ice cream treats that are decadent and rich. They never disappoint and while they do give us innovation, they never forget the basics. This is why it makes sense that they would partner with a designer like Rebecca Minkoff who is all about decadence and quality.

I am obsessed with this partnership and this celebration of 10 years of amazing ice cream!

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Who else is in love with this giveaway and the handbag that will let us take our Magnum ice cream bars with us on the run? Are you going to enter the giveaway to try to win a Rebecca Minkoff bag? Are you a fan of Magnum ice cream? What’s your favorite item? Let us know in the comments below!