McDonald’s Mini McFlurry range: Will it come to the US?


A new dessert has arrived at the Golden Arches: the McDonald’s Mini McFlurry range!

Following the fresh news of the ice-cream sundae being removed from the McDonald’s menu, the legendary Golden Arches have introduced a new dessert to fill the void, the McDonald’s Mini McFlurry range! And just like the ice-cream sundae’s removal, the McDonald’s Mini McFlurry range is limited to the UK only. At least it is for now anyway.

No plans have been unveiled saying if, or when, the range will sail across the Atlantic. It would be nice to see it happen, although they can keep the ice-cream sundae removal to themselves.

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The range includes the likes of Oreo, Cadbury Dairy Milk, and Cadbury Crunchy. It will also feature that well known British chocolate Flake as well, with the Flake Chocolate and Flake Raspberry options available.

Expected to be half the size of the normal McFlurry, it could be a welcoming addition to the menu for parents with small children.  With the shift in focus moving more and more into healthy eating, fast food restaurants like McDonald’s are always on the look out to improving their meal options.

NOVATO, CA – DECEMBER 08: A sign is posted outside of a McDonald’s restaurant on December 8, 2014 in San Rafael, California. McDonald’s reported a worse than expected decline in November global same-restaurant sales. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

So will the McDonald’s Mini McFlurry range come to the US?

While nothing would be sweeter than to see the item be added to the menu, unless they plan on removing the ice-cream sundae, it seems unlikely that it will ever make the journey.

It is a limited edition treat in the UK. It was added to the menu on June 27 and it is only expected to last until August 7. Like anything that is out for a limited time, there is always hope that it will be so popular it will become a staple choice.

Taco Bell experienced this. The Nacho Fries where a limited time only item, but have become so popular they are finally coming back to the menu. Also, their Mexican Pizza Crunch Wrap is currently in the testing stages but has already become so popular it might be here to stay.

So for now, there is no real intention of adding the McDonald’s Mini McFlurry to the menu. Jowever, you never know. You could walk in one day to your local restaurant and find one looking directly at you.

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What are your thoughts? Do you like the idea of a Mini McFlurry? Would you like to see them offered in the US? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.