Thirsty Thursday: Pinstripe Pilsner is more than just a ballpark favorite, it’s a summer classic

Photo: Blue Point's NY Pinstripe Pilsner.. Image Courtesy Blue Point
Photo: Blue Point's NY Pinstripe Pilsner.. Image Courtesy Blue Point /

When it comes to summer classics, there is something about baseball and beer that goes hand in hand. And for Thirsty Thursday we turn to Pinstripe Pilsner, for this ballpark favorite.

Blue Point Brewery has once again given us the ultimate beer with a story, and this time that story takes us right to the ballpark. Their Pinstripe Pilsner is the ultimate Thirsty Thursday beer, as it is not only a perfect sip every time, but it was made with Yankees fans in mind.

According to the brewery itself, the Pinstripe Pilsner was brewed to “pair well with everything we love about an afternoon spent in the bleachers.” And this makes perfect sense, as there is something about drinking a beer, eating a hot dog, and watching a baseball game that seems like the ultimate summer outing.

When I had the opportunity to visit the Blue Point Brewery earlier this summer, I learned about the Pinstripe Pilsner, and was immediately drawn to the fact that it was brewed specifically for the New York Yankees. And whether you are a fan or not, as New Yorkers, there is something very special about having a dedicated beer for the Yankees.

Pinstripe Pilsner
Photo: Blue Point’s NY Pinstripe Pilsner.. Image Courtesy Blue Point /

Considering even a can of the Pinstripe Pilsner screams Yankees pride, it makes sense that the brewery wanted to make this beer perfect. In fact, according to Blue Point Brewery, “We knew we couldn’t mess this one up. So we set out to brew a beer that would make New Yorkers proud, just like the Yankees have done for more than 100 years.”

And guess what? They did exactly that. They crafted a beer that is truly a perfect representation of heading out to the ballpark for a game with friends or family. The Pinstripe Pilsner is the perfect accompaniment to everything from hot dogs to nachos, and that is why it has to be our ultimate Thirsty Thursday beverage.

As an added bonus for fans looking to enjoy a can of their favorite ballpark beer at home, the Pinstripe Pilsner is available outside of Yankee Stadium, which makes this the perfect way to watch every ball game from now on.

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We are all about finding the perfect beer for any occasion, and clearly with this pilsner we are ready for baseball games from now through the World Series, and even when Spring training begins. So, what are you drinking this postseason?