Best Mother’s Day Food Deals: Burger King, Cane’s, and more

It’s the Mother of all food holidays.
FREE Serendipity Ice Cream on Mother's Day at Serendipity3. Image courtesy of Serendipity.
FREE Serendipity Ice Cream on Mother's Day at Serendipity3. Image courtesy of Serendipity. /

It’s Mother’s Day, and your mother is hungry. For great deals, that is! Thankfully, most of your favorite restaurant chains and fast food purveyors are happy to provide. If you forgot to make a fancy restaurant reservation? No worries, Burger King has your hook-up.

And in fact, Burger King has one of the best deals today, with a BOGO Whopper for you and Mom. Raising Cane’s also has a great BOGO Box Meal Deal, but there’s a bit of a twist that we’ll detail below.

There’s more than buy one, get one free today though. From cakes to cookies to hot wings and more, we’ve got you covered for the best last minute Mother’s Day deals imaginable.

Burger King

Burger King May deals /

Starting at 10:30 am local time today you can get a BOGO Whopper (aka buy one, get one free) through the BK app. You’ll need to add a coupon from your Royal Perks account first but are otherwise GTG (good to get one free).


Not specifically a Mother’s Day deal, but you can get Mother’s Day gift cards at the restaurant chain. And if you buy $50 in gift cards, you get a $10 free e-bonus. “Hey mom, I got you a $10 e-bonus at Chilis,” aka the 10 words every mother wants to hear.


Strawberries ‘n Cream Cake
Strawberries ‘n Cream Cake from Baskin-Robbins /

The ice cream chain has a special Strawberries ‘n Cream Cake for mom today. Add the mOM code at checkout on the Baskin-Robbins app, and any order of $35 or more will be discounted $5 automatically. This offer is valid until May 15, 2024.

Auntie Anne’s

The pretzel chain has two deals today… Buy one, get one free on an Original Pretzel or a Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel; and buy $25 in gift cards through the app, and you’ll get $5 towards your next purchase. Which is kind of more for you than mom, but whatever.


KFC x Chrissy Teigen Menu /

Not so much a deal as a rebrand, KFC has teamed up with Chrissy Teigen to theme all their family meal deals around moms. So “Eight-Piece and Quiet Meal,” “Taste of Time-Off Meal,” etc.

California Pizza Kitchen

Ending today, CPK has heart-shaped pizzas because you love Mom, and she loves pizza more than you.


High Tea Set
HelloFresh High Tea Set /

Though it’s too late to order the meal kit brand’s special LTO (Limited Time Only) offers for high tea or breakfast brunch, you can get a digital gift card for $75, $90, $125 or $160.


Take Mom where she really wants to go today: Hooters. You can get 10 wings free with any purchase of 10 wings today. That’s 20 wings! I can count.


Spring Fancy and Sandwich Cookies Tin from Cheryl's Cookies /

No, we’re not telling you to feed Mom flowers. Though you could. There are edible flowers, after all. Instead they’ve got a number of cookies, tins, and other treats to keep mother happy. That sounded way more ominous than I meant it to.

Raising Cane’s

Cane’s has a BOGO Box Deal today if you’re a member of the Caniac Club, aka the brand’s loyalty program. Unfortunately, you had to register by Friday (May 10) so if you did not… Sorry, Mommy.


Just A Momma And Her Munchkins
Just A Momma And Her Munchkins - Dunkin' /

Dunkin’ Rewards members can get triple points today in the app by ordering half a dozen or a dozen donuts, or 25 or 50 count Munchkins. Ask mom if she’ll share, but she probably won’t.

Jack In The Box

Jack Pack Rewards Members can get 50% off a shake or dessert with any order of $5 or more today, meaning you can treat Mom to something sweet while you see if you can take the heat! If you're ordering spicy tacos or something. That was the implication there.


While it’s a little late to order custom-printed M&M’s online, if you live in a city with an M&M’s Store they may have some stock available for a last minute gift that will melt your mother’s heart, not her hands. I think I did that wrong.


Starbucks Rewards Mother's Day BOGO Offer
Starbucks Rewards Mother's Day BOGO Offer - credit: Starbucks /

From 12 pm to 6 pm today local time, Starbucks Rewards members can get BOGO drinks in the app. One for you, one for Mom. Or two for Mom if she’s got Thirsty Mommy Disease (please see a doctor, if so).

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Minis for Mom Media Image
Krispy Kreme Minis for Mom /

Today is the last day to snag Krispy Kreme’s special 16-count Minis for Mom, which feature a Strawberry Iced Heart Doughnut, an Ices Rose Doughnut, and a Chocolate Cookie Crumble Doughnut, all smaller than the usual doughnut.

Paris Baguette

I Love You Mom, Double Strawberry Soft Cream Cake_Paris Baguette
I Love You Mom, Double Strawberry Soft Cream Cake, Paris Baguette /

Similar to above, you may be a little late on this one, but Paris Baguette has classy cakes for Mom. Check your local store for availability.

Panda Express

The Chinese food chain has a $30 Family Meal Deal through today only, online, with the coupon code THANKSMOM. Plus you can get a $30 (or more) gift card for Mom, and you get a free bowl as payment for being a good kid.

Starbucks Mother’s Day deal gives one for you, one for Mom. dark. Next. Starbucks Mother’s Day deal gives one for you, one for Mom