The Best Things We Ate This Week: HARIBO, Pringles, and… Bluey???

Here’s a roundup of all the food we tried this week, April 7-13, 2024.
HARIBO Unicorn-i-licious Treat Retreat Cake
HARIBO Unicorn-i-licious Treat Retreat Cake /

We here at Guilty Eats, as you might imagine, eat a lot of food. Like, a lot of food. From trying out meal kits to testing weird flavors of chips for your enjoyment, we chow down on it all.

But, let’s be honest, with fast food and snack news flying fast (food) and furious, you might have missed some of the items we reviewed this week. With that in mind, here’s a round-up to everything we tasted between April 7 and April 13, 2024; from Greek yogurt bars, to tasty chocolates, to a Fallout tie-in, and more.

And you can click on each link to head to the full review or rundown!

Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars

Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars /

Not exactly guilty, but this new line of Greek Yogurt Bars from Yasso includes real fruit, greek yogurt, and three flavors to enjoy.

HARIBO Unicorn-i-licious Gummies

HARIBO Unicorn-i-licious Treat Retreat /

In honor of National Unicorn Day, we visited a unicorn themed apartment in NYC filled with HARIBO gummies. The candy itself is, of course, tasty, and worth it for the tangerine flavor alone.

DOVE Chocolate Tiramisu Caramel PROMISES

Dove Chocolate Marshmallow
DOVE Milk Chocolate Tiramisu Caramel PROMISES Image. Image Credit to Dove. /

While these morsels might be a little light for some folks, the Tiramisu Caramel is pleasant, and overall pays off on the promise of what these little tea or coffee accompaniment chocolates should be.

Home Chef Family x Bluey Meals

Home Chef x Bluey_Packaging 2
Home Chef x Bluey collaboration. Image courtesy Home Chef /

Our own Rebecca Mills ventured out of her comfort zone to cook a few meals inspired by Disney+’s Bluey, and absolutely loved them. Don’t worry, they’re not flavored like our fave TV dogs.

Pringles Croc-Tail Party

Pringles® x Crocs™ Classic Crush Boot_Croc-Tail Party_1x1
Pringles® x Crocs™ Classic Crush Boot_Croc-Tail Party_1x1 /

Speaking of which, despite being inspired by Crocs, this new exclusive Pringles flavor – which only goes on sale in the US with the purchase of related Crocs on April 16 – does not taste like Crocs. Surprisingly, it’s watermelon chili lime, instead.

Nuka-Blast Burger Meal

Grubhub Fallout Hero Image
Grubhub x Fallout Nuka-Blast Meal. Image Credit to Grubhub. /

Fallout is tearing it up on Prime Video, and to tie in the streamer teamed up with GrubHub for a one-day-only Nuka-Blast Burger Meal featuring a spicy burger with radioactive green onions, a spicy sauce, fries, and a Jones soda.

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